What is my motto? this up here ^

Feb 12, 2021

As I was taking a class in called “How To Make Great Decisions” at the Seattle community college (thanks Microsoft for sponsoring it!),
I had to keep a daily journal. One of the questions I had to answer in one of these days was “What is your motto?”

As I thought about it, my mind went straight to a message that I used to written on a mirror right outside my bedroom.
The message was “The Staying Speed = The Right Effort + Time”.

This was something I came up with a long time ago when I used to practice kung fu. I used to read a lot about Jeet Kune Do and quotes/teachings from Bruce Lee and in those, I derived this motto.

To me, the meaning behind “The Staying Speed” is
…about finding the right amount of time and effort needed to reach a goal.

  • Put too little effort and time (how often you do something) and you won’t accomplish it.
  • Put too much effort and time and you might get burned out, bored, etc.

“The Staying Speed” is
the right balance of the amount of effort and time you put into a goal.
The speed is not always the same. It depends not only on what you are working on, but your emotional state as well. Knowing that, allows you to recognize when it is too little and when it is too much. From there you can adjust your staying speed to accomplish your goal.