My first table!

Jan 29, 2021 • 3 minutes to read

my first table!

Why did I build a table?

My work desk was bending after about 1 year of working from home.
My office equipment is actually pretty heavy.
So I decided to build a table!

Why not just buy one?

I like building things.
and some youtube videos claimed I could make one for under $100.

and the biggest reasons were that if I build one:

  1. would be fun!
  2. I would learn a new skill!

How did I go about it?

I watched tons and tons of youtube videos to learn the different techniques and styles for building a table.
I mentioned to my buddy Matt that I wanted to build a table and he told me that he had ALL THE TOOLS! for building a table.
He saved me a lof of money on renting/buying the tools 😁 (Thanks Matt!)

My plan was to build something like a workbench. Instead of having a full frame at the bottom, I wanted to space for my chair and legs.
I also love tables that can easily move, so I knew I had to put some casters on it as well 😈
(the casters definitely pushed the cost to over $100)


I did a couple of rookie mistakes while building the table (as most people do when trying things for the first time).
The biggest mistake was getting the wrong measurements, but I was able to turn those bugs into features of my desk.

Bug to Feature #1

The legs were a bit too short, so instead of having the legs go all the way up to the top frame, they are a bit lower, which gave me the right height and it gave a little space where I can hang my headset on.

Bug to Feature #2

When I got my plywood, I asked them to cut to the wrong size.
I had the right measurements, but I had this “imposter syndrome” when I was buying the plywood and I told them the wrong measurement…
but now! I have a little door at the top of my table which I can pass cables below or easily hook things to the power strip I added on the table 😁

So here is my first DIY Workbench/Table

The Materials The Materials

My First 2 by 4 frame! my first 2 by 4 frame!

Laying the legs and casters Laying the legs and casters

legs, bottom frame casters all attached legs, bottom frame casters all attached

Getting a feel for the table Getting a feel for the table

Glueing the table top Glueing the table top

Staining the top Staining the top

Done! and with all my work equipment setup Done! and with all my work equipment setup

Am I going to do more?

I have plans to build a table for a tv.

  • my plan is to actually undo a table I put together a couple of years ago and make two tables out of it. Use one and sell the other.

Here are some good youtube channels that explain how to build stuff with simple tools and materials:

Don’t use only them as your resources. There are tons of other videos and blogs where you can learn bits and pieces about what you might want to create.


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